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History and research activities

In present days Russia there are 22 facilities with more than a hundred of multi- assortment small-capacity chemical production sites, which are organized or can be organized as flexible automated chemical and technological systems.

The Department of Automated Design of Processing Equipment" (ADPE) "[before 2003 - "Flexible automated production systems" (FAPS)], was founded in June of 1987. Since its foundation and up to 2009 it was headed by an Honored Scientist of Russia, Academician of The International Informatization Academy, Corresponding Member of The International Academy of Technological Cybernetics, Professor Evgeniy N. Malygin.

Since 1993 the Department has been implementing a program of higher education in specialty of Flexible automated systems in technology of machines and equipment of chemical plants, educating engineers-mechanics of FAPS with in-depth study of multi-assortment chemical technology, engineering design, equipment construction and operation (including multi-functional), specifics of layout decisions, hardware and software of mechanical engineers workstations.

In 2003, the Department became in charge of implementing a programs of higher education in specialty of "Computer Graphics. Design of machines and apparatuses", which provides studying of design engineers in chemical and machine- building industries, with in-depth study of chemical engineering technology, engineering design, equipment design and maintenance, specifics of layout decisions, wide range of the hardware and software of design workstations learning

The Department employs highly qualified team of researches in the fields of computer science, computational mathematics, mathematical modeling, multi-assortment chemical production equipment design, flexible automated production system design and control.

Among Departments facilities are: a laboratory with mechanical engineers workstations PC, laboratories of flexible automated systems equipment and technology.

Research team of the Department have developed and implemented in industry practice application packages for automated FAPS mechanical engineers and FAPS design engineers workstations and adapted them for educational purposes.

Our graduates are employed at manufacturing plants in various fields, engineering design offices, R&D institutes, departments of a principal engineer, manufacturing manager, design manager, computer-aided design, different manufacturing shops and departments.


Malygin E.N.
The first Head of Department

Educational process at the Department aims on giving students in-depth knowledge of: fundamental physical and chemical processes implemented in machines and apparatus of multi-assortment chemical production and their design; structure, functions and features of technical, mathematical and information support of computer-aided design of FAPS and automated control systems of FAPS; methods of physical and mathematical modeling of technological processes and equipment, analysis of equipment performance; up-to-date methods of multi-assortment technological equipment operation, its repair and installation; implementation and development of special software for computer-aided design of multi-assortment machines and devices.

Priority research areas and results:

1. Methodology of multi-assortment technical systems equipment design, where operation modes and equipment parameters for separate stages are chosen based on hierarchical structure of decision-making.

2. Automated information data system for equipment design and upgrade, which is implemented at JSC "Pigment" Tambov in production of dyes and intermediate products.

3. Components of an automated information data system of industrial facilities layout in the form of analytical and procedural models of equipment installation and pipelines routing, taking into account synthesis characteristics of modified materials (OJSC Tambovsky zavod Komsomolets named in honor of N.S. Artemov).

4. Methods of state environmental expertise data processing, allowing an expert committee to draw a conclusion on:

  • validity of technology choice, location, planned nature-conservative measures,environmental monitoring;
  • sufficiency of undertaken ecological measures ensuring public safety and preservation of natural resources;
  • acceptability of environmental effect and ecological feasibility of an industrisl object under examination.
  • 5. Automation system of design, technological and production activities of a chemical engineering company was introduced at the departments of principal engineer, manufacturing manager, production and technical departments, marketing department, financial department, purchasing and integration department of CJSC Zavod Tambovpolimermash.

    6. Computer-aided control system of JSC "Pigment", which allows: scheduling of main and auxiliary equipment repairs depending on its utilization; planning of chemical production (assortment and volume); managing sales of finished products; examining quality of incoming raw material.

    7. Computer-aided design of chemical equipment, implemented at JSC "Pigment", OJSC Tambovsky zavod Komsomolets named in honor of N.S. Artemov, CJSC" Zavod Tambovpolymermash. "

    8. Technology of remote multi-user access to laboratory and production facilities, which allows organizing online education.

    9. Simulators for training personnel to work in standard and emergency conditions at dyes productions (JSC "Pigment").

    10. Heat transfer processes calculation and optimization in induction heating platens of hydraulic vulcanization presses in general rubber goods manufacturing (JSC "Zavod Tambovpolymermash);

    Grants and state contracts received by the Department in recent years:

    Grant of Russian Foundation for Fundamental Research (RFFR). Project 06-08-96 352-r_tsentr_a " Theoretical and methodological development of intelligent computer-aided design of chemical and mechanical engineering processes (development of new and changing specialty of existing enterprises), project manager: Professor Malygin E.N., 2006-2007.

    State contract with State Educational Institution "Cherepovets State University," for development of a virtual laboratory for machinery and equipment of chemical plants ", 2006-2007.

    Grant of Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology, Program "Participants of the Youth Research and Innovation Competition 2007". Project "Automated secondary water management and regulation of relationship between natural resources users across an industrial unit by Vasiliev A.N., master of MT-63 group; project manager: Professor Nemtinov V.A., 2009

    Grant of the President of the Russian Federation to support creative projects of national importance in the field of culture and art. Project "Technology of creation of a virtual museum of memorials dedicated to World War II with the use of geographic information systems"; project manager: Professor Nemtinov V.A., 2009.

    State contract "Educational-industrial information system of automated chemical engineering (manufacturing) equipment", activity 1.2.2 "Research conducted in research groups under supervision of candidates of sciences"; project manager: Professor Mokrozub V.G., 2009-2011.

    State contract 02.740.11.0624 Methods, algorithms and software development for technical facilities virtual models used for educational purposes and applied information systems development" under the federal target program "Research and scientific-pedagogical personnel of innovative Russia" for 2009-2013, lot " Research conducted by teams of scientific and educational centers in the field of computer science "; project manager: Professor .Nemtinov V.A., 2010-2012. Grant of Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology, Program "Participants of the Youth Research and Innovation Competition 2010". Project "Development of virtual simulators for training operators of chemical and food industries," by Dedov D.L., master of MT- 63, project manager: Professor Krasnyanskiy M.N. 2010 - 2011.

    Grant of German academic exchange program (DAAD) for faculty scientific training Associated prof. Borisenko, A.B., 2010.

    Grant of academic exchange program FULBRIGHT (USA) for faculty scientific training - Senior lecturer Nemtinova J.V., 2010 - 2011.

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